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BEIRUT (AP) — En una de las principales autopistas de Beirut, unos manifestantes libaneses instalaron una sala con un sofá, una alfombra y un refrigerador. En otra, realizaron una clase de yoga. Y en.

SD. If one compares the salary of a policeman in the Dominican Republic with those of Central America, the country occupies one of the last places with US$153 per month. The is more than Nicaragua.

SANTO DOMINGO. Starting tomorrow a new system to request visas to the United States goes into service, a process that will imply a reduction in costs and will be much more agile, according to Sylvia.

SD. The alleged drug trafficking network that the Puerto Rican Jose David Figueroa Agosto, or "Junior Capsula", and the alleged gang that was led by his compatriot Angel Ayala Vasquez, or "Angelo.

SANTO DOMINGO. The new Visa Attention Center of the United States Embassy in this country is open since yesterday. It is located in the Galeria 360 mall on John F Kennedy Avenue. The center will work.

#NoticiasyMuchoMás: Grave mujer herida por su exparejaIncrease in suicide rate in Dominican Republic over last nine years – SD. Since 2003 in the Dominican Republic there exists a growing tendency for suicides, increasing by 57% between that date and 2012, with more men than women committing suicide. Last year 638 persons.

Km 25 Duarte Highway. At the end of a dusty road, which borders the 16 August Military Base, there is the warehouse of the weapons that are legally imported into the country by the Armed Forces, the.

SANTO DOMINGO. The World Economic Forum (WTF) says it is so. In a ranking of 124 countries, the Dominican Republic occupies the second place in the world by having the most expensive electricity for.

SANTO DOMINGO. The adolescent fertility rates in Latin America and the Caribbean have not gone down in the same proportion as global levels, and the projections show that they will continue to.

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