The race for Manhattan borough president is still well over a year away, but New York City Councilman Ben Kallos has already.

Both New York City and the state are on their way to achieving contracting goals for minority- and women-owned business.

As his campaign for president takes off, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing renewed criticism this week.

Bloomberg’s campaign spending, by the numbers – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent a whopping $463 million of his own money on his presidential campaign.

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Groundwater contamination in Bethpage and surrounding neighborhoods has been one of the most significant public health issues.

LAST LOOK  Michael Benjamin  City and State NY YouTubeIs Brad Hoylman declaring war on Jeff Bezos? – After Democrats gained control of both chambers of the Legislature last year, they started passing laws left and right – and.

In a new recurring feature, First Read Tech will be talking to leaders in government and technology about the intersection of the two fields and how New York can lead through innovation. This week’s.

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Add one more item to the list of unanswered questions surrounding congestion pricing in New York City: Will it actually.