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Ready Player One Mobi Sakurai Solutions The anatomy, paleobiology, and evolutionary relationships of the largest extinct side-necked turtle – 1 Universidad del Rosario, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Matemáticas, Grupo de Investigación Paleontología Neotropical Tradicional y Molecular (PaleoNeo), Bogotá,

Interview: Up-and-coming J-Rock Group BRATS – Though the all-girl band is relatively fresh, their influence, output and presence has been on the rise exponentially in both their native Japan and internationally — much like a teenager.

Readings From the Monster Girl EncyclopediaAzur Lane: Crosswave + Neptune Arrives February 13 in North America & February 21 in Europe – We’re also happy to announce Neptune from the beloved Neptunia™ series will be available as a free download on PlayStation™Network and Steam for one month starting on each region’s respective.