Headlock Muscle

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Balor takes Dragunov down with a headlock. Dragunov turns it around.

Ciampa flexes his muscles. Seven offers his hand for a shake and they shake. They lock up and go at it.

However, Mizzou Arena erupted in the third period when the crowd noticed Travis had fallen to his knees and Johnston had him.

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He is equally aggressive on the ground, striking, pressure passing and attacking from the front headlock in typical.

Hamilton will be able to muscle the Pole around and damage him with.

Southern freshman Nick Bennet flexes his muscles after he records the winning takedown against Manalapan’s Calvin.

UFC Fight Night Results: ‘Hunt vs. Nelson’ Play-by-Play & Updates – Tanaka controls him with a headlock briefly.

Delos Reyes ties Horiguchi up and holds half guard while Horiguchi muscles him on top and controls his head. Delos Reyes uses double butterfly.

Main Squeeze: Amma’s Mission to Transform Humanity Through the Power of a Hug – The first time I see her, she’s clutching a man to her bosom, has him in a headlock, really—only his white mop of hair is visible. She’s putting muscle into it, cocking her head to the left and.

“In most of my matches, I get a tie-up to a front headlock, and she was expecting.

so I feel like I out-muscle them quite a bit.” Herring knows her Dragons were just a hair’s length away.

What’s more, LSU is now starting to flex its muscles and play like a Top-25 team.

Vanderbilt is the perfect opponent to put in a headlock and make them tap out. Offensively, LSU is one.